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            來源:http://www.wxthfs.com/ 日期:2022-12-19
            On the premise of improving environmental pollution in various places, the mixer industry is no exception, so how can concrete mixers achieve the goal of both energy saving and environmental protection? Today, I have summarized some points for your reference.
            1. Dust control of concrete mixer:
            The places where the mixing plant is prone to produce dust are mainly the feeding port and material yard of the mixing plant. The mixing station of the selected equipment belongs to closed mixing. In order to further eliminate dust, movable color steel plate is added as the dust surface, and the space at the dust outlet is closed. Two symmetrical water spray pipes are added at the cement feeding port to prevent dust diffusion. The dust in the stock yard can be set with electric control or manual spray device according to the fixed position of the stacking place to control the dust emission and ensure that the dust meets the standard.
            2. Wastewater treatment control of concrete mixer:
            A drainage ditch shall be set at the place where waste water is generated, and a three-stage sedimentation tank shall be set at the end of the drainage ditch to separate the solid from the liquid, and a self-priming pump shall be configured to recycle the settled water, so that the waste water in the entire production area can be recycled after all treatment, that is, meet the environmental discharge standard.
            3. Noise control of concrete mixer:
            The noise mainly comes from the equipment. The selected equipment has been optimized in configuration, and the noise of the equipment itself is low. The maintenance and overhaul should be strengthened during the use process, which can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also reduce the noise pollution. The partition wall and partition belt can also be set according to the actual situation.
            4. Solid waste treatment control of concrete mixer:
            The non recyclable waste and domestic garbage generated in production and life will be stacked, managed and treated in a unified manner in a garbage pool. There are no schools around the mixing plant, and there are basically no residents. The requirements for environmental protection investment are not high, and the investment cost is not large. The concrete mixing plant will be built into a green concrete mixer by strengthening environmental protection management.
            The concrete mixer should not only ensure the normal production of concrete, but also pay attention to the protection of the surrounding environment. If you have any ideas or needs, please come to our website at any time http://www.wxthfs.com Consult and understand!