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            來源:http://www.wxthfs.com/ 日期:2022-12-02
            概述:小型攪拌機零件氣門的順利使用就要多多了解相關的內容問題,比如說為了預防氣門的損壞,我們一般要知道這些方面要點: For the smooth u
            For the smooth use of the valve of small mixer parts, we need to know more about the relevant contents. For example, in order to prevent the valve from being damaged, we generally need to know the following points:
            1. Valve polishing
            During the maintenance of the mixer, if the valve is ablated, pitted or dented, it should be polished, usually on the grinder. Four problems should be paid attention to during the operation: first, ensure that the valve head is concentric with the rod, otherwise it should be straightened first; Second, the smaller the smooth grinding vehicle is, the better on the premise that it can grind a complete cone surface; Third, try to improve the surface finish; Fourth, the depression at the end of the valve stem should be smoothed.
            2. Hinge pin of valve guide
            The fit clearance between the valve stem and the valve guide is the key to determine the service life of the valve guide. Therefore, when replacing a new valve guide, the fit clearance should be strictly controlled when hinge pin is used. The use of the lower limit of the specified clearance for each mixer model can effectively extend the service life.
            3. Grinding of valve
            The grinding of valve can be divided into two situations: one is that the valve and valve seat have only slight pitting, and the grinding of smooth grinding and hinge pin is not required; The other is that the valve and valve seat are polished and reamed. The former is first ground with full emery, after the pitting is removed, it is then ground with fine emery, and then coated with oil for grinding until the sealing meets the requirements and the width meets the requirements. The latter shall be grinded only when the sealing performance fails to meet the requirements. However, care must be taken during operation to avoid excessive force. It is strictly prohibited to knock the valve up and down, or concave sand marks will appear, which will affect the maintenance quality.
            Here is how to use the valves of small mixer parts smoothly. If you have any unclear content or need, please come to our website http://www.wxthfs.com Do consulting!