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            來源:http://www.wxthfs.com/ 日期:2022-11-23
            What causes the shaft holding problem of the mixer? The manufacturer of small mixer thinks that it may be the problem of raw material feeding position. The materials used for mixing concrete are mainly sand aggregate, cement, fly ash, water and additives. If the raw cement is wrapped with sand and gravel and agglomerates in water, it is easy to stick to the mixing shaft if the mixing is not sufficient. If the position and direction of the cement feed inlet are unreasonable, the mixing shaft cannot be quickly and fully mixed, and it is easy to form the phenomenon of shaft holding.
            Or the water inlet pipe and flushing position of the mixing host. If the position and direction of the flushing point are incorrect, or the flushing pressure is too low, so that the concrete temporarily bonded to the shaft cannot be washed off after the water enters the main engine, it is easy to form a shaft holding after a long time.
            It is also possible that after production, the internal part of the mixer is not cleaned in time, or the cleaning is not clean, which leads to the residual concrete on the surface of the mixing shaft, which solidifies on the mixing shaft after drying. If this is done for a long time, it is very easy to produce the phenomenon of holding the shaft.
            Only by carrying out basic maintenance can our work be carried out normally, such as:
            1. In case of thunderstorm or bad weather, the suspender of small concrete mixer cannot be used. The suspender shall not be used in weather with wind force greater than 8; When operating the suspenders of small concrete mixers, all suspenders shall be within the sight of the operator.
            2. The dangerous area when starting the small concrete mixer is the area around the end hose swinging. The area diameter is twice the length of the end hose. When the length of the end hose is more than 3m, the diameter of the hazardous area is 6m; The end hose of small concrete mixer shall not be bent, and the end hose shall not be put into the concrete.
            3. As a backup support, operate the boom in a standard way and pay attention to the distance between the boom and the wire.
            This requires us to prepare relevant materials and conduct regular maintenance and inspection before and after operating the mixer, which can also extend its service life to a certain extent. Come to our website for more information http://www.wxthfs.com Consult!