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            來源:http://www.wxthfs.com/ 日期:2022-10-24
            It is inevitable that there will be some failures in the small mixer equipment in the long use. In order to avoid the good performance of the equipment in use, we need to carry out reasonable maintenance on the equipment. What should be paid attention to during equipment maintenance?
            Mixing drum: when the tank and other parts are used for 50 hours for the first time, timely check whether the bolts of the tank and other parts are loose. Before driving every day, check the lubrication of the supporting wheel and the raceway. Open the supporting wheel shield once a month, clean the internal oil stain and add lubricating grease.
            Hydraulic drive system: the hydraulic system is the core system of the mixer. In order to ensure that the mixer truck can work normally and the mixing tank can operate normally, the hydraulic oil level of the oil radiator and reducer must be checked each time before the vehicle is started to ensure that the oil level indication is within the scope of the window. At the same time, ensure that it is clean, and do not allow dust and other pollutants to pollute the hydraulic oil of the system, causing the system to not work normally or be damaged.
            Water supply system: air pressure water supply system can add water at three quarters of the water tank. Check the valve body frequently for blockage or abnormal operation. When the water supply system is used in an environment with the possibility of icing, the water storage must be drained to prevent the pipeline from freezing.
            Another point is that the body of a small mixer cannot be washed directly with water. The internal mechanism of the body of the mixing tank is relatively complex, and there are many grooves and through-hole designs. Once washed with water, the water deposited in the body is not easy to dry, and the parts are easy to rust.
            Here are the matters needing attention in the maintenance of the small mixer. If you have any problems, please come to our website http://www.wxthfs.com Ask and understand!