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            來源:http://www.wxthfs.com/ 日期:2022-10-14
            The chassis of the automatic concrete mixer is closely related to the power configuration. It is known that there are four combination forms in the overall structure scheme. In these combinations, the determination principle of the chassis will vary depending on the power configuration.
            1、 Special engine configuration
            The upper mounting of the automatic concrete mixer has only a bearing relationship with the chassis, which has nothing to do with the power and drive device, and is relatively independent. At this time, the selection of the chassis should first meet the requirements for its bearing capacity. In addition, the installation of the upper mounting (mixing cylinder, water tank, oil tank, feeding and discharging mechanism, etc.) should be beautiful and appropriate, and not exceed the bearing capacity of the front and rear axles of the chassis, and can maintain the stable driving conditions of the vehicle.
            2、 Common engine configuration
            The upper mounting and chassis of this automatic concrete mixer not only have a load relationship, but also have a power connection. The drive device of the mixing drum is connected between them. Therefore, in addition to meeting the conditions for the chassis selected for the special engine configuration, the chassis selection should also consider the additional power supply and the conditions for the transmission system of the selected chassis or the engine to be structurally allowed to take power for retrofitting. Therefore, strict restrictions should be set for the selection of such chassis.
            In addition, some precautions should be noted, such as:
            The fixed mixer shall be installed on a firm pedestal. When it is fixed for a long time, the anchor bolt shall be embedded; In case of short-term use, wooden sleepers shall be laid on the base and leveled. Tires are not allowed to replace supports.
            The console of the fixed mixer of the mixer shall enable the operator to see the working conditions of each part. The console of electric mixer of js500 mixer shall be padded with rubber plate or dry wood plate.
            The mixer shall be parked on a flat and solid site with good drainage ditches around. After being in place, the outrigger shall be lowered to jack up the rack to a horizontal position, so that the tire is off the ground. When the service life is long, the tires should be unloaded and kept properly. The end of the axle should be wrapped with tarpaulin, and the frame should be padded with sleepers. Follow us http://www.wxthfs.com , learn more!